Publication Ethics and Malpractices

The jABs adheres strictly to the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines as recommended by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE), approved by the COPE Council on 7th March 2011.

Those ethics include the editor following certain rules on relations with authors, reviewers and publisher, as well as procedures for handling complaints. Conformance to standards of ethical behaviour is therefore expected of all the parties involved.

Highlights of the COPE’s Code of Conduct as practiced in jABs to assure the quality of the articles published include the following:-

1. Guidelines for Article Submission
Guidelines are provided to Authors for article submission.
(Refer Guidelines for Article Submission)

2. Guidelines for Reviewers
Guidelines are provided for Reviewers
(Refer Guidelines for Reviewers)

3. Double-blind Peer Reviews
The Double-blind peer reviews are conducted by International Editorial Board Members
(Refer Editorial Board Members)

4. Reviewer Assessment Template
Acceptance or Rejection of articles by the Editor is solely based on the article’s importance, originality, clarity, validity and relevance within the scope of the journal.
(Refer Reviewer Assessment Template)

5. Web page Free from Advertisements
The Journal’s web is free from any advertisements which might compromise intellectual and ethical standards.
(Refer jABs web page)

6. Editorial Independence from Publisher
The principle of editorial independence will be upheld.
(Refer Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers)

7. Individual Data Protection
Individual information obtained in the course of research or professional interactions will remain confidential.
(Refer Privacy Statement)

8. Declaration of Ethical Research involving Humans or Animals
Assurances that research involving humans or animals must be carried out according to the relevant internationally accepted guidelines.
(Refer Author Guidelines)

9. Dealing with Possible Misconduct
Any suspicion or allegation of misconduct will be pursued, after seeking response from those suspected. The COPE flowcharts will be followed where applicable.
(Refer Author Guidelines)

10. Ensuring the Integrity of the Academic Record.
Errors, inaccurate or misleading statements will be corrected promptly and with due prominence must be immediately alerted. The COPE guidelines on retractions will be followed.
(Refer Author Guidelines)
Updated records will be made as per the CrossMark Reference of the article published.

11. Intellectual Property and License
Authors Copyright Statement duly signed must be included in the submission.
The COPE guidelines on Intellectual Property will be followed.
(Refer Publishing Agreement for Submission)

12. Manner to Resolve Complaints.
Complaints will be promptly responded.
The procedure set out in the COPE Complaints and Appeals will be followed.
(Refer Author Guidelines)