Author Guidelines 

1. Online Submission
The article must be submitted Online in WORDS via the journal web as per the detailed instructions in the Journal Template, together with the non-refundable Processing Fee @ USD50 per article. The payment instruction is as per in the template. 
All documents must also be submitted to

2. Declaration of Ethical Research
Research involving humans or animals must be carried out according to the relevant internationally accepted guidelines (e.g. the Declaration of Helsinki for clinical research, the AERA  and BERA guidelines for educational research).
Assurances must be provided for all research that has been approved by an appropriate body (e.g. research ethics committee, institutional review board) where one exists.

3. Conformity of Accepted Articles for Publication
Accepted articles to be published must conform to the following:-
a) Original research article which has not been published before.
b) Amended as per comments by the reviewers. Notification of amendment made must be included.
c) The Standard of English Language to be more than 90%, and the Similarity Index / Plagiarism to be less than 15% (Based on Grammarly Score).
d) The Publishing Agreement duly signed must be included.
e) Payment of Publication Fees @ USD200 per article accepted must be submitted before publication.

4. Integrity of the Academic Record.
Errors, inaccurate or misleading statements will be corrected promptly and with due prominence. Any errors must be immediately alerted to
The COPE guidelines on retractions will be followed.

5. Editorial Independence from Publisher
Assessment of articles will be solely based on editorial independence.

6. Dealing with possible misconduct
Any suspicion or allegation of misconduct will be pursued, after seeking a response from those suspected.
The COPE flowcharts will be followed where applicable.

7. Manner to resolve Complaints / Appeals
Any complaints or appeals will be promptly responded.
Those must be immediately forwarded to
The procedure set out in the COPE Complaints and Appeals will be followed.


Reviewer Guidelines 

1. Before agreeing to conduct the double-blind peer review, any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed to the Editor-in-Chief.
2. Reviews to be conducted within three weeks should be made as per the Double-blind Peer-review Assessment Sheet.
3. Reviewers’ identity will be confidential.
4. Assessment of articles will be solely based on editorial independence.