Efficacy of Manual Therapy for the Elderly with Chronic Low Back Pain: A systematic review

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Zarina Zahari
Atiqah Amir
Siew Kuan Chua
Suci Amanati


Manual therapy (MT) is a well-known physiotherapy approach for low back pain (LBP). Yet, evidence of its effectiveness for elders is hesitant. Objectives To determine the effects of MT on pain, physical function, disability, QOL, and psychological aspects among the elderly with chronic LBP. Methods Articles between the years 2012-2022 were retrieved using electronic searching. The quality assessment used McMaster Critical Review Form for Quantitative Studies. Findings Three articles were reviewed. Implications MT effectively improves pain, physical function, disability, QOL, and psychology among the elderly with LBP. Nevertheless, further investigation is needed to gain robust evidence for clinical practice.

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Zahari, Z. ., Amir, A. ., Chua , S. K., & Amanati, S. . (2023). Efficacy of Manual Therapy for the Elderly with Chronic Low Back Pain: A systematic review. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 8(25), 23–37. https://doi.org/10.21834/jabs.v8i25.426


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