Determining the Shortest Path for Inner Warehouse Transportation

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Noraimi Azlin Mohd Nordin
S.Sarifah Radiah Shariff
Siti Suzlin Supadi
Yosi Pahala


Always meeting customer needs is the primary goal of logistic service companies specializing in warehousing. However, warehouses are often large, and the movement of goods in the warehouse is problematic because it takes a long time and slows the order-picking process. This problem can be solved if storage assignment and the optimal warehouse movement route are appropriately planned. This study compares the use of Dynamic Programming models for two data in this warehouse in determining the shortest path for the Order Picker in completing and fulfilling customer orders.

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Mohd Nordin, N. A. ., Shariff, S. R. ., Supadi, S. S. ., & Pahala, Y. . (2023). Determining the Shortest Path for Inner Warehouse Transportation . Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 8(25), 1–21.


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