An Exploratory Study of Bicycle Sharing in Malaysia


  • Herwina Rosnan Arshad Ayub Graduate Business, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
  • Nuraisyah Chua Abdullah Faculty of Law, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia



In many countries, bicycle sharing service has been integrated into the urban public transportation system. This is because bicycle sharing is seen as a good alternative for the environment. Bicycle sharing is particularly popular for a short trip in urban areas where traffic congestion and pollution from vehicles’ emission is a concern. In Malaysia, bicycle sharing service is relatively new. The primary objective of the study is to investigate public perceptions of the use of bicycle sharing. Data were collected through interview and secondary sources. The findings indicate that there are barriers that hinder the willingness of Malaysians to use bicycle sharing. Implications of the study are discussed.

Keywords: bicycle sharing; public transportation; quality of life; Malaysia

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Rosnan, H., & Abdullah, N. C. (2018). An Exploratory Study of Bicycle Sharing in Malaysia. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 4(12), 25-36.