Under the Flyovers of Kuala Lumpur: User centered activities in leftover spaces

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Nurulhusna Qamaruz-Zaman
Zalina Samadi
Nik Farhanah Nik Azhari


Existences of public spaces in cities are essentials for social interactions to take place, fostering the creation of sustainable, safe and livable cities. Although public spaces are often designed for certain activities, existence of unplanned spaces seemed interwoven in the cityscape, some in the form of leftover spaces, including under the flyovers and bridges, which offers an abundance of opportunities. This paper attempts to review activities under flyovers initiated by its local community in Kuala Lumpur and aims to contribute in further identifying the leftover spaces, and to the possible activities to be considered in developing these spaces to benefit surrounding communities.

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Qamaruz-Zaman, N., Samadi, Z., & Nik Azhari, N. F. (2018). Under the Flyovers of Kuala Lumpur: User centered activities in leftover spaces. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 3(7), 141–151. https://doi.org/10.21834/jabs.v3i7.267


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