Travel Pattern and Fear of Crime among Women Commuters

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Rohana Sham
Syed Hassan Khalifah Soltani
Mashita Sham
Suhana Mohamed


The design of the public transport as to meet working women's travelling needs is still lacking in Malaysian urban scenarios. Having that in mind, the increasing crime rate among these vulnerable group in urban area had further increase their level of fear while commuting to work. This is especially true for many working women who have no choice but to travel using public transport to their work place on a routine basis. To further investigate the factors of women travel pattern that affect the fear level among these vulnerable group of commuters, time and age were considered in this study.

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Sham, R., Khalifah Soltani, S. H., Sham, M., & Mohamed, S. (2018). Travel Pattern and Fear of Crime among Women Commuters. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 3(7), 131–139.


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