The Trans-Pacific Status Seekers across the Straits: American suburban status United Taiwan and China

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Shenglin Elijah Chang


Disregard the divided national status, this paper explores in more depth the role status plays in the transnational process of suburbanizing Taiwan and China. It describes how the social homogenous American suburb is becoming the most influential force within new developments in Taiwan. It records the stories of astronaut engineer families and these new 'model developments' and how status objects like lower density suburbs, homogeneity segregated and gated enclaves removed from existing city centers have arisen in Hsinchu, Taiwan and Shanghai, China.

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Chang, S. E. (2018). The Trans-Pacific Status Seekers across the Straits: American suburban status United Taiwan and China. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 3(7), 111–120.


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