Mandatory Health Impact Assessment for Promoting Public Health in Malaysia

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Ainul Jaria Maidin
Nurul Firdaus Salahul Ahamed


Indiscriminate land development activities and poorly planned built environment is the major cause of environmental degradation that impacts adversely on public health. Polluted environment can expose people to pollutants causing asthma and respiratory problems whilst improperly planned development without open space for recreation influence lifestyles that contribute to diabetes, hypertension, coronary vascular disease due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical movement. Public health advocates can help shape the design of cities and suburbs in ways that improve public health, but to do so effectively they need to contribute to the development planning and control process. This paper proposes for the incorporation of the health impact assessment proves as a mandatory requirement for preparation of development plans and application for planning permission. The research relies on literature review, analysis of relevant statutes and governmental policy documents providing for policy directions for formulating the legal regulatory framework.

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Maidin, A. J., & Salahul Ahamed, N. F. (2018). Mandatory Health Impact Assessment for Promoting Public Health in Malaysia. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 3(7), 67–73.


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