Legal Implications on Mismanagement of Agrochemicals in Smallholders' Agro Production in Malaysia

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Alizah Ali
Roha Mohamed Noah
Shaherah Abd Malik


Purpose of this study is attempted to look into laws on mismanagement of agrochemicals towards the agro food production and conservation of ecosystem in Malaysia. Artificial fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides in manageable of rural farmers' food yielding production could cost human hardship upon consumptions and detrimental to conservation. Economic sustainable minimal or chemical free tropical food yielding agriculture food crop not only will reap in profits in upgrading income and livelihood but will definitely create a good environment in developing countries. There are significant differences on laws on the issue of mismanagement of agrochemical application towards the production and conservation of ecosystems in Malaysia with the implementation of laws on agriculture chemicals.

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Ali, A., Mohamed Noah, R., & Abd Malik, S. (2018). Legal Implications on Mismanagement of Agrochemicals in Smallholders’ Agro Production in Malaysia. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 3(7), 59–66.


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