Repeat Consumption Behaviour in Traditional Markets: Bandung and Surrounding Regions


  • R. Aswin Rahadi



This study will explore several issues that might affect consumer decision to become a repeat consumer in traditional marketplaces in Indonesia. This study is conducted via structured self-administrated closed-ended questionnaires. The research subjects are people who know and are familiar with traditional marketplaces and stores. Most of them have preference to shop at a certain marketplace and are familiar with the stores there. The study showed that the quality of service and consumer identification play a significant part in consumer repurchase behaviour in the traditional marketplace in Bandung and its surrounding area.

Keywords: repeat consumption; traditional marketplace; consumer behaviour; customer loyalty.

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Rahadi, R. A. (2017). Repeat Consumption Behaviour in Traditional Markets: Bandung and Surrounding Regions. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies, 2(4), 81-90.